Superbaka: Mnogi ne vjeruju da Alejandra ima četvoro unučadi

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Alejandra smatra da je naše tijelo hram za kojega se trebamo brinuti, a zbog svog nevjerovatnog izgleda ova zgodna baka je već navikla na puno muške pažnje

Alejandra Labastida-Shapiro ima četvero unučadi, izgleda tako mlado da mnogi misle da su ona i njena 32-godišnja kćerka zapravo sestre.

Zahvaljujući roditeljima koji su je educirali o zdravoj prehrani, 55-godišnjakinja je ovakvom načinu života posvećena još od desete godine.

“Moji roditelji su većinu vremena koristili ljekovito bilje, tradicionalne lijekove ili homeopatiju kako bi izliječili naše bolesti i ozljede”, rekla je Alejandra za Metro.

Trenutno radi kao instruktorica pilatesa, a svoj mladenački izgled zahvaljuje sirovoj prehrani. Osim organske hrane, tajna formula njenog izgleda je i izbjegavanje prerađenih proizvoda i šećera te druženje s unucima.

“Svojim znanjem i primjerom dokazujem da je izjava ‘godine su samo broj’ istinita ako vodite brigu o svom životu i imate pozitivne misli”, ispričala je.

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It’s the mind itself which shapes the body. Joseph Pilates Do you know that Pilates can improve your yoga practice? Yoga and Pilates have so much similarities because both are focusing in positioning the body, breathing techniques and beating present. However Pilates can actually enhance your yoga practice by strengthening your deeper core muscles, smaller stabilizers and addressing hyper flexibility. Next October 19th, 12:00 to 1:30 pm I’ll be teaching a workshop in part of a 4 week yoga workshop series with @ltfschaumburggroupfityoga studio 2. From yoga alliance international journal article: ”How Pilates can enrich our yoga practice. Pilates strengthen our core One of the greatest Pilates’ insight is about the core, more exactly what mr. Pilates called powerhouse, the place from where all the strength derives,the body’s center of gravity. The abs, sure, but not only abs: the powerhouse includeslower back, buttocks and pelvic floor. Some muscles help us to stabilize our posture, others concur to most of the movements we do every day, giving them strenght and dynamism. Pilates gave a so great importance to powerhouse that he based on it the second of his method’s principles: all the Pilates exercises start with the activation of the powerhouse. A powerful core gives a greater control over movements,helps to hold balance with more ease, and prevents unnecessary strain on the joints. In yoga a well-engaged core helps in keeping with ease some trickier poses and can also give us a better stretch for our muscles. Breathe properly Yoga was a source of inspiration for Joseph Pilates. As an asthmatic child he had to struggle all his youth to overcome his disease. It’s said that he approached yoga to learn more about breathwork and, later, developed a theory of his own: he believed that the bottom of the lungs was a repository for infection and germs, and that a deep exhalation could help to cleanse toxins. So, what to do to empty our lungs? The concept of core turns to be useful even in this case: engaging abdominal muscles, it’s easier to exhale all the remaining air from the lungs and purify them.” Contact me or @charbaryoga

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Alejandra smatra da je naše tijelo hram za kojega se trebamo brinuti, a zbog svog nevjerovatnog izgleda ova zgodna baka je već navikla na puno muške pažnje, pogotovo onih mlađih koje susreće u teretani.

“Muškarci su stvarno iznenađeni kad me vide. Bilo da držim satove pilatesa ili idem na neko mjesto, daju mi komplimente, koje dobivam čak i na društvenim mrežama. Nekoliko puta sam dobila i cvijeće od stranaca, no ja sam udata”, zaključila je.

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One of the reason I post in IG and Facebook is because I want to inspire people for a healthy and positive lifestyle by teaching by example and giving advices that can help people to a better quality of life. This morning I received a text from one of my clients saying: “Good morning Alejandra, I was reading the news and I saw this article about you” The story is: Two weeks ago I received a email from a UK 🇬🇧 online magazine who wanted to interview me to know about how I keep myself in shape at my 55 years old , having 3 kids and being a grandma. I wasn’t sure if was a scam and my hubby researched and told me looks like is authentic. So in the last 2 weeks they were asking me for a Fitness Bio, answered some questions and asking me photos. Yesterday they said they will publish about me what I thought will be just in UK 🇬🇧 on line magazine. My surprise this morning was that was for Apple News! The link is: Also in the Mirror magazine (that I didn’t know was them): I hope I my experience can help people to have a better quality of life, doesn’t matter the age. And btw: Everybody needs Pilates! #fitmom #fitgrandma #fitat55 #pilates #yoga #personaltrainer #pilatesmasterinstructor #carbon38ambassador #youareasoul #yourbodyisyourtemple #loveyourlife #bethechange #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

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“Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive.” This quote is so true, but not only apply to training your physical body, but also your mind and spirit. Who had to pass for though situations and survive them, can understand what I’m talking about. The mind-body connection. This means that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are! On the other hand, what we do with our physical body (what we eat, how much we exercise, even our posture) can impact our mental state (again positively or negatively). This results in a complex interrelationship between our minds and bodies. Also balance is important. Don’t forget to develop strength in your body, mind and spirit but also your “flexibility” , balance is the key of everything in life! #balanceisthekey #strengthtraining #strongmind #flexibility #mindbodyspirit #fitmom #fitgrandma #fitat55 #pilates #yoga #personaltrainer #pilatesmasterinstructor #carbon38ambassador #youareasoul #yourbodyisyourtemple #loveyourlife #bethechange #chicagofitness #aerialsilks #aeriallove #functionaltraining #coreworkout #coretraining

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